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LAT Have Mercy

As of April 1, the Financial Services Commission of Ontario stopped accepting applications for mediation and arbitration of auto accident benefits insurance claims disputes. That responsibility now rests with the Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT). Will it make a difference to users?

Canadian Unerwreiter
May 2016
by Willie Handler

Ontario’s 25-Year No-Fault Journey

It is time to stop tinkering with Ontario’s auto insurance system. The concept of using an insurance system to provide a social safety net is flawed, perhaps requiring in its place a system where private insurance companies provide both third-party liability and physical damage coverage and a Crown corporation delivers accident benefits.

Canadian Underwriter
June 2015
by Willie Handler

Attacking Fraud

It’s been 2 years since the Ontario Auto Insurance Task Force delivered its final report with 38 recommendations.  With the Liberals re-elected with a majority it is expected that adoption of outstanding recommendations will accelerate.

Canadian Underwriter
September 2014
by Willie Handler

Resolving Dispute Resolution

The recently completed review of Ontario's auto insurance dispute resolution system offers 28 recommendations including the creation of a new tribunal to handle disputes involving the SABS.

Canadian Underwriter
March 2014
by Willie Handler

Auto Static

There is no escaping talk of telematics these days and what they may mean for automobile insurance. But will telematics put an end to age and gender discrimination?
Canadian Underwiter
August 2013
by Willie Handler

Electronic Proof

Despite smartphones, tablets and other technological gadgets now being part of everyday life, providing proof of auto insurance coverage is like a nostalgic trip back to the days of our parents or grandparents. In Canada, insurance companies and brokerages mail, fax and e-mail copies of the standard pink insurance slips to policyholders upon renewal or policy changes. 
Canadian Underwriter
May 2013
by Willie Handler

Tough Haul

Is self-regulation for the Ontario towing industry a non-starter? Despite previous failed attempts to get a system rolling, the Ontario Automobile Insurance Anti-Fraud Task Force has recommended trying one more time.
Canadian Underwriter
January 2013
by Willie Handler

Regulating Health Care Clinics

How Ontario represents a key test ground for increased supervision.
Claims Canada
December 2012/January 2013
by Willie Handler
Coming of Age

FSCO's recent report to the Ontario finance ministry suggest that evidenced-based health care has taken centre stage in the province's auto insurance system. 
Canadian Underwriter
August 2012
by Willie Handler and Pierre Côté

WP Magazine
May 2012
by Willie Handler

Mobilizing Against Fraud

The Ontario Auto Insurance Anti-Fraud Task Force has taken preliminary steps to establish the scope and appropriate response to fraud. 
Canadian Underwriter
March 2012
by Willie Handler

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